Would you like to attend a speed dating event?

Are you single but too busy to search for love ? The you need to try the latest dating phenomenon that is sweeping across the UK – speed dating.
Speed dating involves men and women meeting in a room and finding out as much as they can about possible partners in three minutes. It’s proving very popular with Britain’s young people who find that they haven’t got the time to meet that special one.At a speed dating event you are given three minutes to talk, one on one, with a member of the opposite sex. Then a bell is rung and you move to another person and start chatting again. By the end of the evening you will have spoken with up to twenty men or women! If, by the end of a conversation, you fancy the person or would like to see them again, you write it down on a card. Then, if the other person also fancies you, the organisers will contact you with their details.But is three minutes long enough to make an impression and work out if you want to see someone again? Research suggests that chemistry can be felt within the first thirty seconds of meeting someone, and that is what speed dating is all about, knowing quickly if you are going to like someone.And what about romance? Is it possible to make a good judgment in such a short time? After all, people say you can’t hurry love. However, Britain will soon have its first marriage from a speed date.So, if you are on a mission to find Mr or Miss Right, what have you got to lose? At worst, you still go home on your own. But at best, the person of your dreams could be just three minutes away.

Vocabulary Study (I do a favor you guys ;). Here are some confused phrases and words’ expressions.
fancy :when you like someone in a romantic way
work out: decide
good judgment: correct assessment
you can not hurry love:you can not force love to happen

Excerpt: This passage has taken from BBC World Web Site.

Comment: Do you believe it’s true ? Or do you believe that such kind of organization can be successful under Turkey’s conditions. I do not think so. I realize that 1,5 or 2 years ago Biletix organized such an event. And I thought about participating.
In fact, I agree with the writer of the above text and the organizators of this event. You know, people around their thirtees are generally working from 08:00 till 18:30 – 19:00, and in this kind of lifestyle to meet with somebody interesting and passing joyful times with her is so difficult.
However, due to the Turkey’s conditions and people’s ethical feelings it can’t seem an effective way of connecting people to me in terms of emotional feelings.

Do you agree with me????

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